We support removing religious phrases from our currency.
Because it is GOOD for ALL Americans!


  • Purchase a stamp with the words "Keep Church and State Separate - www.godoffmoney.com" and stamp all your currency
  • Use a marker to line-out the words "In God We Trust" on all currency, then write "www.godoffmoney.com" (is this OK?)
  • Contact your newspaper and government representatives and tell them you don't want religion on money.(Use our letter!)
  • Put a link to this site on your own web-site
  • Urge your friends to get involved too
  • Enter all your bills in www.wheresgeorge.com so you can track them
  • Support this site and www.au.org

Keep Church and State Separate www.godoffmoney.com

These can be custom ordered at local office supply stores, or on-line at several locations.

You can join the fight right now!

Please check back frequently!


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They have a lot of good information!


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