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My name is Enzo, and I’m an Investment Banker. This blog is my passion project about business, investments, and some of the people I meet at conventions and shows that I attend in my daily life.

On my website you’ll find all sorts of business investment topics covered, from insurance to high risk, I talk about it all. Whether you’re an expert, professional, or newbie investor, I have you covered!

I write about taxes, investments, fraudulent schemes, and other money-making opportunities that are currently trending.

I have been involved in numerous money-making opportunities, which have either gone uphill or downhill. You lose some, you earn some — the way life goes, right? I have acquired enough knowledge and experience to share what I have learned with everyone who is interested.

That’s all you need to know about me, but I’m more than happy to share everything I know to help you in your future business endeavors.